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cbExtras - (for Registered users of CastleBar 2.50)

About cbExtras

cbExtras is an add-on for CastleBar v2.50.  A lot of our customers were asking for the ability to add buttons which open special folders like My Computer, Control Panel and Network Neighbourhood.

So, we wrote cbExtras, which does just that.  cbExtras allows you to select from a range of special folders and applications to add to CastleBar.  When it starts, cbExtras scans your system for Control Panel applets which are also added to the list for you to choose from.


cbExtras searching for control panel applets

Simply select the ones you want to add and click on Add to CastleBar.  The buttons are added behind the scenes and will be available through the CastleBar Configuration dialog next time you run CastleBar.  Note that when the buttons are added to CastleBar, they are disabled initially so that you can add them all (if you want) without having your CastleBar cluttered up with lots of buttons.

cbExtras displaying MyComputer, Network Neighbourhood, Recycle Bin and Control Panel applets

Note : cbExtras will only work with Registered versions of CastleBar.



  • Free for registered users of CastleBar v2.25.

  • Allows you to add buttons which open any of the following components :
     - My Computer
     - Network Neighborhood
     - Recycle Bin
     - Control Panel
     - Control Panel Applets




Close CastleBar before running cbExtras.

You don't have to place cbExtras in the same directory as CastleBar but it is a good idea to do so.

The Help file for cbExtras is online.



Download Now (352 kb)  Download cbExtras now



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