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When you use the internet, your computer has a unique number which identifies your computer to other computers on the internet.  This unique number is known as the computer's IP (Internet Protocol) Address.

For most people, when they connect to the Internet, their ISP (Internet Service Provider) automatically allocates an IP address for the duration of that connection.

There are times when we need to know what IP Address the ISP has allocated to our computer.  This can be difficult and irritating to find.  So now there is a simple, free application to take the hassle out of it all.

ipAddress Screen Shot

is a simple application written for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT 4 / 2000. ipAddress was written because a lot of people were asking how to determine the IP Address of their computer. There are other ways to do it, by using the command prompt etc, but people wanted an easier way.

ipAddress displays the current IP Address(es) of your computer in a floating window which can be resized and set to be always on top if you want. You can also change the background colour to make ipAddress fit in with your personal preference of colour schemes.

The latest version of ipAddress includes an option to copy the IP Address to the Windows clipboard so that you can paste it into another application.

ipAddress is written by Castle Software Limited, and is distributed as freeware.  



What is an IP Address ?

For information on IP Addresses, please read the Spotlight Article : IP Addresses on the Castle Software web site.


Multiple IP Addresses

It is possible for a machine to have more than one current IP address.  For example, if your machine is on a LAN and is also connected to the Internet via Dial Up Networking, your machine could have two IP addresses.  In cases such as this, ipAddress will display the IP address prefixed by a number. 
To display the next IP address, hold down the ALT key and left click on the IP address window.


Configuring ipAddress

Right-clicking on the ipAddress window will cause the applications Main Menu to pop up.



This option displays the Help file you are viewing now.


About ipAddress

This option displays the About dialog.



Choose this option to force the ipAddress window to refresh itself and recheck the current IP Address(es) for the computer.


Copy to Clipboard

This option will copy the currently displayed IP Address to the Clipboard.


Check for News

Use the Check for News option to check across the Internet for any News from Castle Software.


Check for Updates

Use the Check for Updates option to check across the Internet for any product updates.



Use this option to configure ipAddress.  The configuration dialog allows you to change the background colour for the ipAddress window.  You can also force ipAddress to be Always On Top.  When ipAddress is set to not Always On Top then an icon will be placed in the System Tray.  Left click on this System Tray icon to bring ipAddress back to the top so that you can see it.


Closes the ipAddress application.