cbExtras (for Registered users of CastleBar v2.50)
Copyright 2001-2002 Castle Software Limited
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cbExtras is an add-on for CastleBar v2.50.  A lot of our registered users were asking for the ability to add buttons which open special folders like My Computer, Control Panel and Network Neighborhood.

So, we wrote cbExtras, which does just that.  cbExtras allows you to select from a range of special folders and applications to add to CastleBar.  

After downloading cbExtras.exe from Castle Software, follow these steps to add buttons using cbExtras :

1) If CastleBar is currently running, then close it.

2) Save the cbExtras.exe file into the folder where CastleBar is installed. (This is not essential but it is good practice to do so).

3) Run cbExtras.exe by double-clicking on it.

4) cbExtras will start and will load a list of components that you can add to CastleBar.  cbExtras will scan your system for Control Panel Applets.  Please note that some of these applets may not run even though they exist.  The reason for this is that the applet may be installed even though your hardware or system configuration may not support that applet.

5) Use the checkboxes next to each item to indicate whether or not you want to add that component to CastleBar.

6) When you have selected the components you want, just click on Add to CastleBar and then click Exit to exit from cbExtras.

7) Now restart CastleBar and open up the configuration dialog.  Scroll to the end of the list of buttons and you will see the buttons that cbExtras has added.

8) Enable the ones you want and you are ready to use them.  Continue using CastleBar as normal.


Note : cbExtras will only work with Registered versions of CastleBar.


Close CastleBar before running cbExtras.

You don't have to place cbExtras in the same directory as CastleBar but it is a good idea to do so.



  • Free for registered users of CastleBar v2.50.

  • Allows you to add buttons which open any of the following components :
    My Computer
    - Network Neighborhood
    - Recycle Bin
    - Control Panel
    - Control Panel Applets