Configuring NewsAlert

To change the configuration of NewsAlert within CastleBar, first open the Configuration Dialog.  


Castle NewsAlert is a technology designed by Castle Software to bring you News, Tips and Updates for our products as quickly as possible. 

You can have NewsAlert run automatically when CastleBar starts by checking the option Automatically run NewsAlert when CastleBar starts.  If you don't have NewsAlert starting automatically, you can still choose the Check for News or Check for Updates options from the menu at any time.

NewsAlert can work from behind a proxy server also.  If you are using a proxy server, you should give NewsAlert information about your proxy by checking the Use Proxy Server option, and filling in the proxy fields. 

  Proxy Type Set this to the protocol used by your proxy server :
  • HTTP
  • SOCKS4
  • SOCKS5
  Proxy Server The full name, or IP address of your proxy server. 
  Port The port used by your proxy server for the Proxy Type you have selected.
  SOCKS5 Authentication If using the SOCKS5 protocol, your proxy server may require authentication.  If so then check this box and enter your User and Password details. 
User Your User name for SOCKS5 authentication.
Password Your Password for SOCKS5 authentication.