Configuring Buttons

Add a Button
Add a Separator
Rename a Button
Button Properties
Rearrange Buttons
Remove a Button
Enable / Disable a Button

To change the configuration of buttons within CastleBar, first open the Configuration Dialog.  


Add a Button




If you want to add a button which opens a folder instead of launching a file, then follow these steps :

  1. Choose Add Button from the Configuration Toolbar
  2. Browse to the folder you want to open
  3. Select a file (any file) in that folder and choose Open
  4. After the button has been added, open up the Button Properties.
  5. Remove the name of the file from the Command, leaving only the folder name.

Add a Separator


Rename a Button

There are a number of ways to rename a button.  

  1. You can click on Rename Button in the Configuration Toolbar.   Then type the new name for the button and press Enter.
  2. In-place editing is also supported, so you can select the button you want to rename and then left-click on the name again.  Simply type the new name for the button and press Enter.
  3. If you are in the Button Properties dialog then you will also have the option to change the button name.


Button Properties

To change the properties of a button, first highlight the button that you want to change, then click on Button Properties in the Configuration Toolbar.


  • CastleBar will automatically resize images to fit onto a button.
  • Try to use small bitmaps as large bitmaps sometimes do not resize well (a toolbar button is about 16 bits x 16 bits)
  • Square bitmaps will resize better than rectangular ones
  • Isolating and removing the background from an image will often make it clearer when it is resized.


Rearrange Buttons

Buttons are listed as they appear on the CastleBar.  The first (top) button in the list is displayed as the first (left) button on the CastleBar.

It is easy to rearrange buttons.  Select the button you want to move and use the Move Up and Move Down arrows in the Configuration Toolbar to move the button.


Remove A Button

When you no longer want a button in the list, it can be removed.


Enable / Disable A Button

Sometimes you may want to disable a button but not remove it from the list, so that you can easily enable it again later.

To enable or disable a button :