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Castle NewsAlert

NOTE : Castle NewsAlert does not send any personal information when checking for News, Tips and Updates.  NewsAlert performs its task by retrieving information from our server.
About Castle NewsAlert
Castle NewsAlert is a technology designed by Castle Software to bring you News, Tips and Updates for our products as quickly as possible.  With NewsAlert, you can be comfortable that you :
  • have up to date information about the Castle products you are using.
  • have the latest Tips for those products.
  • have the latest program updates.
  • have the latest news on other Castle products.
Programs that contain the NewsAlert technology will check for news once automatically when the program starts1.  However, you can run NewsAlert manually as many times as you like.  Programs that contain NewsAlert technology will have a Check for News and Check for Updates option that you can use to run NewsAlert manually.

The NewsAlert dialog will only appear if there are unread messages to display.


The screenshot below shows a NewsAlert message for WorldTimer v4.30.4.

NewsAlert displaying update information for WorldTimer

Using NewsAlert
The NewsAlert dialog will show you all of the News and Update messages available at the current time.  The current message number and the total number of messages is displayed at the top left of the news display window.

Use the Next and Previous arrow buttons to move between news messages.

If you want a message to appear again the next time NewsAlert runs the leave the Action field set at Remind me again later.  If you do not want to see a message again, use the Action combo box to select Mark as read.  After you click the Close button, messages set to Mark as read will no longer appear when NewsAlert runs.

When you have finished reading NewsAlert messages, click the Close button to close the NewsAlert dialog.

Programs that Contain NewsAlert
Contains Castle NewsAlert
Some Castle programs have a Tip of the Day feature.  As more tips are created for these programs, we make them available through the NewsAlert service.  If new tips are available for a program then they will automatically be added when NewsAlert is run.
A Note About Internet Explorer 4
NewsAlert makes use of IE4, and will look a lot better if you have IE4 installed on your machine.  NewsAlert will still work without IE4, but you won't be able to see any graphics, colours or fonts embedded in the NewsAlert messages.
1. Note that if an Internet connection is not available when the program starts then NewsAlert will not be checked at startup.  The program will automatically try again later until it has accomplished its one automatic NewsAlert check.


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