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Castle Marketing Partners Program

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Make Money by Recommending Castle Products

The Castle Software Affiliate Program is an easy way for you to earn money by promoting our software. 

You can earn generous referral fees (between 25% and 50%) simply by linking to Castle Software from your web site, and having visitors click from your site through to our web site to download free trial software and purchase our software. 

You can put as much effort and resources into it as you wish; it could be a simple hyperlink, or it could be multiple pages of text and information along with custom builds of the software.

Castle Software handles all of the sales, customer service, and tracking of sales generated from your site.

Currently we will pay you up to 50% of any single sale of Castle Software applications that have been tracked and originated from your website.  

The good thing about this program is your referrals don't have to purchase anything right away. They might visit your website, then go to Castle Software and download the software and try it out for a month. You still will get the credit for the sale.

  • Join for free and earn up to 50% for each sale your website generates.
  • Give your website visitors a free trial of Castle Software applications to make their life easier.

Which Applications Are Included in the Partners Program ? 

All of our try-before-you-buy software is included in the affiliate program, so if you refer visitors to our web site and they buy a license for any of our software you will be credited with the referral and earn a commission.

For immediate free access to our affiliate program for all of our applications, you can join our RegNow affiliate program. The default commission percentage through RegNow for all of our applications is 25%. See Earn up to 50% per sale below for ways to increase the commission percentage. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Some applications have custom builds available, as well as special starting commission percentages. For example, if you choose to promote our NewzAlert Composer program using the full page option and provide an eSellerate custom download, we will give you a starting percentage of 40% per sale. Join our eSellerate affiliate program.


How Does It Work ?

We use RegNow as our main affiliate processor. When you join, you get assigned an ID Code and are given some HTML code to link to a page on the Castle Software site. 

When one of your visitors sees your review or banner for Castle Software on your site, and decides to click on your link, they get directed to a page on the Castle Software site. 

At this page our site remembers that the visitor was referred by you. Your visitor then browses our web site and (possibly) downloads a trial version of one or more of our applications. 

If the visitor decides to purchase the software then our ordering page remembers that you referred them and passes it through the order process.  Our ordering page uses the RegNow affiliateCheck script to determine whether there is a RegNow cookie on the customers computer.

RegNow handles all reporting and payments. Their affiliate control panel allows you to specify how you want to be paid.

Sign up with the Castle affiliate program at RegNow now !!


How Much Does It Cost ?

Nothing.  Joining the Castle Software Affiliate Program is free.

Do You Need Your Own Web Site ?

Well, yes and no. The affiliate referral system is all online and works using HTML hyperlinks, so you do need somewhere on the Internet for users to follow your coded links to our site.

This could mean that you have your own web site, or it could be done through other means such as RSS feeds. If you don't have your own web site then you can have your feeds hosted at NewzAlert.com.

We are happy to answer your questions. Please contact us.


Custom Builds

For most of our applications, we are able to provide you with custom builds which have your RegNow affiliate buy links embedded in the program at all Buy Now points.

Custom eSellerate (eST) downloads are also available for selected products.

We are happy to answer your questions. Please contact us.


Earn up to 50% per sale

Your commission is determined partly by sales volume and partly by the manner in which you are promoting the Castle software products. The standard commission is 25% of the sale price of a license.

If you choose to give additional exposure to Castle products then we will give you a higher percentage commission. Such additional exposure may be a whole separate page for a Castle product on your web site, or an ad in your email newsletter and so on. Please feel free to run ideas past us.

If you are consistently bringing in high volumes of sales then we will reward that by increasing your per sale commission, up to a maximum of 50%.

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